Biomarkers in Cancer Chemoprevention

IARC Scientific Publication No. 154

Edited by Miller AB, Bartsch H, Boffetta P, Dragsted L, Vainio H


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The evaluation of potential cancer chemopreventive agents require large, long-term, randomized trials in humans. Biomarkers that would allow the identification of subjects exposed to carcinogenic agents or of individuals genetically susceptible to cancer would be of great value. This volume is the product of an attempt to assess our current knowledge and experience with the use of biomarkers in cancer chemoprevention. It comprises an expert report on the current state of the art on use of biomarkers in cancer chemoprevention, introductory sections covering general topics in cancer chemoprevention, and contributions directed to biomarkers of exposure, intermediate effect and susceptibility relating to six major cancer sites: skin, colorectum, breast, prostate, liver and upper aerodigestive tract.
Cover Page
Foreword and List of participants
Surrogate end-point biomarkers in chemopreventive drug development
Biomarkers and surrogacy: relevance to chemoprevention
Development of difluoromethylornithine and Bowman-Birk inhibitor as chemopreventive agents by assessment of relevant biomarker modulation: some lessions learned
Selection and validation of biomarkers for chemoprevention: the contribution of epidemiology
Ultraviolet radiation-induced photoproducts in human skin DNA as biomarkers of damage and its repair
Intermediate-effect biomarks in prevention of skin cancer
Genetically determined susceptibility markers in skin cancer and their application to chemoprevention
Biomarkers in colorectal cancer
Intermediate effect markers for colorectal cancer
Susceptibility markers in colorectal cancer
Endogenous hormone metabolism as an exposure marker in breast cancer chemoprevention studies
Mammographic density as a marker of susceptibility to breast cancer: a hypothesis
Intermediate histological effect markers for breast cancer
Inherited genetic susceptibility to breast cancer
High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia as an exposure biomarker for prostate cancer chemo prevention research
Intermediate biomarkers for chemoprevention of prostate cancer
The role of molecular genetics in chemoprevention studies of prostate cancer
Exposure biomarkers in chemoprevention studies of liver cancer
Significance of hepatic preneoplasia for cancer chemoprevention
Hepatocellular carcinoma: susceptibility markers
Carcinogen biomarkers for lung or oral cancer chemoprevention trials
Lung cancer: chemoprevention and intermediate effect markers
Metabolic polymorphisms as susceptibility markers for lung and oral cavity cancer
Subject Index