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Cervical Cancer Elimination in Africa: Where Are We Now and Where Do We Need to Be?

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Edited by Shinkafi-Bagudu Z, Tittenbrun Z, Johnson S


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This publication, jointly produced by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), IARC, and the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN), has been developed to reflect the status of current efforts towards elimination of cervical cancer in the African region. Each chapter describes the current situation, starting with epidemiology and progressing through an overall assessment of prevention (HPV vaccination and screening) efforts and treatment and palliative care. The focus of each chapter is on the coverage of key interventions as well as on data collection and monitoring systems required to track progress against the cervical cancer elimination targets across the African continent. The publication positions current public health programmes in the global context and encourages the audience to look at a bigger picture of cervical cancer elimination in Africa.