Directory of Agents Being Tested for Carcinogenicity No. 17

Directories of Agents Being Tested for Carcinogenicity

Compiled by Meneghel A, Wilbourn J





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A worldwide inventory of on-going research projects involving the long-term carcinogenicity testing, in experimental animals, of chemicals and other agents. In view of the long duration and high costs of carcinogenicity testing, the book aims to help avoid unnecessary duplication of research, to increase communication among scientists, and to provide a guide to research facilities as well as to the specific chemicals and agents being tested. The 1996 directory draws together data on 533 chemicals or agents under investigation at 65 institutes in 21 countries. Also included in a fully-referenced index covering some 200 published studies emanating from projects described in the directory. Information on current research projects is arranged alphabetically by country, within each country by city, and within each city by institute. For each institute reporting on long-term carcinogenicity testing, the chemicals or complex mixtures being tested are listed in alphabetical order. Reported data are given in a six-column format, including name of substance; use categories of the substance; species, strain and number of animals per treated and control group; exposure route, dose levels, and purity; starting date and stage of experiment; and principal investigators. The directory also includes a special section giving cross references to some 270 on-going epidemiological studies of 50 substances. Use of the directory is further facilitated through the inclusion of indices of institutes, investigators, chemical abstracts services registry numbers, and a cross index of names.