Pathology and Genetics of Tumours of the Lung, Pleura, Thymus and Heart

WHO Classification of Tumours, 3rd Edition, Volume 10

Edited by Travis WD, Brambilla E, Müller-Hermelink HK, Harris CC

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This book provides an international standard for oncologists and pathologists and will serve as an indispensable guide for the design of studies monitoring response to therapy and clinical outcome. Diagnostic criteria, pathological features and associated genetic alterations are described in a strictly disease-oriented manner. Sections on all recognized neoplasms and their variants include new ICD-O codes, incidence, age and sex distribution, location, clinical signs and symptoms, pathology, genetics and predictive factors. Prepared by 200 authors from 25 countries, it contains more than 670 colour photographs, numerous X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) images, charts and more than 2200 references.

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Chapter 1. Tumours of the Lung
Chapter 2. Tumours of the Pleura
Chapter 3. Tumours of the Thymus
Chapter 4. Tumours of the Heart
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