Standards and Guidelines for Cancer Registration in Europe

IARC Technical Publication No. 40

Authors: Tyczynski JE, Démaret E, Parkin DM


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This is a handbook for cancer registries bringing together all recommendations and guidelines that have been prepared so far by the ENCR Working Groups, as well as recommendations prepared by the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) and adapted by the Network. Several appendices provide information on the EUROCIM software and databases, the ACCIS project on childhood cancers, automated registration, and structured registry reviews. The complete address list of the ENCR member registries and a list of selected ENCR publications are also included.
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Contents, Foreword, List Contributors, Acknowledgements, Introduction
Chapter 1 – Recommendations on registry practices
Chapter 2 – Guidelines on confidentiality in population-based cancer registration in the European Union
Appendix 1 – EUROCIM software and databases
Appendix 2 – Structured reviews of cancer registries
Appendix 3 – ACCIS — Automated Childhood Cancer Information System
Appendix 4 – Automation in cancer registration
Appendix 5 – List of selected ENCR publications
Appendix 6 – List of ENCR member registries