Weight Control and Physical Activity

IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention Volume 6



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Maintaing a healthy body weight and regular physical activity is, after tobacco control, the second most important way to prevent cancer. The suggestions of possible public health action aimed at tackling these risk factors include education activities to promote balanced diets which are not excessive in energy, and broad education and planning to enable and encourage physical activity during work and leisure. The Handbook Weight Control and Physical Activity contains a full discussion of this topic, together with recommendations for public health action.

Cover Page, Contents, List of participants, Preface
Chapter 1. Characteristics of weight control and physical activity
Chapter 2. Occurrence, trends and analysis
Chapter 3. Preventing weight gain and promoting physical activity
Chapter 4. Metabolic consequences of overweight, underweight and physical activity/inactivity
Chapter 5. Cancer-preventive effects
Chapter 6. Other beneficial effects
Chapter 7. Carcinogenicity
Chapter 8. Other adverse affects of weight control and physical activity
Chapter 9. Summary of data
Chapter 10. Recommandations
Chapter 11. Evaluation
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