IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention Volume 2



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In this volume on carotenoids their chemical and physical characteristics, occurrence, production, use, analysis and human exposure, metabolism, kinetics and genetic variation are studied, as well as their cancer-preventive effects, other beneficial effects, carcinogenicity and other toxic effects. A summary of data and recommendations for research are provided at the end.

Cover Page, Contents, List of participants, Preamble, General Remarks
Chapter 1. Chemical and physical characteristics of Carotenoid
Chapter 2. Occurrence, commercial sources, use and application, analysis and human exposure
Chapter 3. Metabolism, kinetics and genetic variation
Chapter 4. Preventive effects
Chapter 5. Other beneficial effects
Chapter 6. Carcinogenicity
Chapter 7. Other toxic effects
Chapter 8. Summary of data
Chapter 9. Recommendations for research
Chapter 10. Evaluation
Appendix 1 & Appendix 2