Thyroid Health Monitoring after Nuclear Accidents

IARC Technical Publication No. 46

IARC Expert Group on Thyroid Health Monitoring after Nuclear Accidents




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This Technical Publication contains the forward-looking recommendations of a multidisciplinary, international Expert Group on long-term strategies for thyroid health monitoring after a nuclear power plant accident. As a basis for the recommendations, this publication also summarizes the available scientific evidence on thyroid cancer and experiences from past nuclear accidents. The recommendations are intended to specifically address whether thyroid health monitoring should be implemented in a resident population in the vicinity of a nuclear accident and, if so, how such thyroid health monitoring should be prepared for and implemented in the context of general emergency preparedness for and response to nuclear accidents.

This publication was developed with the intention to serve as a reference primarily for the government officials, policy-makers, and health professionals who would be involved in the decision-making, planning, or implementation of thyroid health monitoring in case of a nuclear accident. Because such decision-making may also involve considerations other than the scientific evidence, these recommendations should be used as a reference; the final decision should be made by the government, the relevant authorities, and the society affected by the nuclear accident.

This Technical Publication consists of five chapters: the executive summary (Chapter 1), the introduction (Chapter 2), the Expert Group’s recommendations and considerations related to thyroid health monitoring in the context of preparedness for and response to nuclear accidents (Chapter 3), summaries and syntheses of the scientific evidence base used by the Expert Group when developing the recommendations (Chapter 4), and the identified gaps in scientific knowledge (Chapter 5).