Methods for Evaluating Tobacco Control Policies

IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention Volume 12







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This volume concentrates on evaluating the impact of societal level interventions to control tobacco use and it is offered as a guide to evaluators in the field. The Handbook covers how the effects of a policy are determined, the core constructs for understanding how and why a given policy works, the potential moderator variables to consider when evaluating a given policy and the data sources that might be useful for evaluation. The Handbook includes logic models outlining relevant constructs for evaluating the effectiveness of policies on tobacco taxation, smoke-free environments, tobacco product regulations, limits on tobacco marketing communications, product labeling, anti-tobacco public communication campaigns and tobacco use cessation interventions.

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Chapter 1. Ensuring effective evaluation of tobacco control interventions

Chapter 2. General methods and common measures
Section 2.1 The importance of design in the evaluation of tobacco control policies
Section 2.2 Developing and assessing comparable questions in cross-cultural survey research
on tobacco

Chapter 3. Outcomes and major determinants
Section 3.1 Measuring tobacco use behaviours
Section 3.2 General mediators and moderators of tobacco use behaviours
Section 3.3 Measurement of nicotine dependence

Chapter 4. Existing data sources
Section 4.1 Data sources for monitoring tobacco control policies
Section 4.2 Using production, trade and sales data in tobacco control
Section 4.3 Data sources for monitoring global trends in tobacco use behaviours

Chapter 5. Strategies for evaluating specific policy domains
Section 5.1 Measures to assess the effectiveness of tobacco taxation
Section 5.2 Measures to assess the effectiveness of smoke-free policies
Section 5.3 Measures to assess the effectiveness of tobacco product regulation
Section 5.4 Measures to assess the effectiveness of restrictions on tobacco marketing communications
Section 5.5 Measures to assess the effectiveness of tobacco product labelling policies
Section 5.6 Measures to assess the impact of anti-tobacco public communication campaigns
Section 5.7 Measures to assess the effectiveness of tobacco cessation interventions

Chapter 6. Summary

Chapter 7. Recommendations



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