Breast Cancer Screening

IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention Volume 7







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Breast cancer is the leading site of new cancer cases in women. Early enough detection through mass screening with mammography has been introduced in many countries in the hope that early intervention would lead ro reduced mortality and less aggressive treatment. The aim of this publication is to provide an independent, authoritative review of the evidence of the efficacy and effectiveness of breast cancer screening. This will be of value to governments, public health officials and others concerned with policy recommendations for cancer control.

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Chapter 1. Breast Cancer and Screening
Chapter 2. Screening techniques
Chapter 3. Use of breast cancer screening
Chapter 4. Efficacy of screening
Chapter 5. Effectiveness of screening
Chapter 6. Cost-effectiveness of population-based breast cancer screening
Chapter 7. Summary
Chapter 8. Evaluation
Chapter 9. Recommendations
Chapter 10. References
Working procedures
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