Statistical Methods in Cancer Research Volume I: The Analysis of Case-Control Studies

IARC Scientific Publication No. 32

Authors: Breslow NE, Day NE


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The case–control study is the major epidemiological approach used to identify risk factors for cancer. This textbook explains the statistical methods and theory behind this design, and the practical application to specific sets of data. It includes chapters on fundamental measures of disease occurrence, analysis of grouped and ungrouped data, and use of unconditional and conditional logistic regressions.

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Fundamental Measures of Disease Occurence and Association
Chapter 3. General Considerations for the Analysis of Case-Control Studies
Chapter 4. Classical Methods of Analysis of Grouped Data
Chapter 5. Classical Methods of Analysis of Matched Data
Chapter 6. Unconditional Logistic Regression for Large Strata
Chapter 7. Conditional Logistic Regression for Matched Sets