International Incidence of Childhood Cancer Volume II

IARC Scientific Publication No. 144

Edited by Parkin DM, Kramárová E, Draper GJ, Masuyer E, Michaelis J, Neglia J, Qureshi S, Stiller CA

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In this update of the successful IARC Scientific Publication No. 87, tumours are classified according to the revised classification system. The publication includes data for the 1980s from some 130 cancer registries; data have been subjected to rigorous validation checks to ensure comparability of the published series. Methods of data collection and the interpretation of the incidence patterns in individual populations are described in detail. Combined incidence tables for the countries covered by several regional registries provide powerful estimates of national incidence rates. Summary tables enable easy comparisons to be made between countries. Incidence rates are also provided for infants aged less than one year and for confined tumour types of particular interest.