Biomarkers in Cancer Chemoprevention

IARC Scientific Publication No. 154

Edited by Miller AB, Bartsch H, Boffetta P, Dragsted L, Vainio H

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The evaluation of potential cancer chemopreventive agents require large, long-term, randomized trials in humans. Biomarkers that would allow the identification of subjects exposed to carcinogenic agents or of individuals genetically susceptible to cancer would be of great value. This volume is the product of an attempt to assess our current knowledge and experience with the use of biomarkers in cancer chemoprevention. It comprises an expert report on the current state of the art on use of biomarkers in cancer chemoprevention, introductory sections covering general topics in cancer chemoprevention, and contributions directed to biomarkers of exposure, intermediate effect and susceptibility relating to six major cancer sites: skin, colorectum, breast, prostate, liver and upper aerodigestive tract.